Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 3

Today I installed the newest browser from Microsoft(IE Beta 3)..I did not try any of the previous beta versions.
Also I installed the newest version of Mozilla Firefox, the 2.0 Beta.
So...I tryed to compare the two....and overall I think the two browsers made some big advances when it comes to user interface...and I really enjoy this war.
What I like at the new IE:
-Tabs (Finally)
-That they added search...and most of all that it started with google as the default search engine(might be from settings in IE 6..)
-That you can change the search provider really fast in case you get bored.
-That they added a lot of tools.
-Also I think it`s faster than any of the previous IE versions...but that`s only my opinion
-RSS feeds (Finally)
-That it works fine with my Windows X64 Professional

What I like at the new Firefox:
-That it`s Mozilla FIREFOX :)
-That it has the same features that my old firefox had.
-That the number of addons is getting larger and larger.
-You can change search providers.
-RSS Feeds...
-Almost everything that IE 7 has :)

Overall the big change is on the Microsoft side...and mostly the change is good. I really enjoyed browsing with IE 7...
Surf`s Up...

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