Saturday, March 31, 2007

Web UI for the TFS

Microsoft has acquired TeamPlain, a web UI for the Team Foundation Server and now the product is being distributed as a free download for the owners of TFS. You can download it here

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cool Phone

Nokia N95 Videoscreen
Originally uploaded by Jay16K.
Seems that this year is going to be the year of mobile devices. The first cool device was the Apple iPhone,then it was the Google Phone...and`s a we`re not talking about beginners...this is a really cool phone...and It`s coming out in April....The commercial looks great...and the technical details speak for themselves .. 5Mp Camera(Carl Zeiss lenses) and the possibility to upload pics to Flickr, Gps, Wireless LAN, 2.6" display...


Why oh why didn`t I read the manual before I pushed the Build button from Visual Studio?..
I actually pushed it just to see what happens without actually adding all the components that I needed for the Windows CE...
And this is what the manual stated:Depending on the speed of the development system, the build process may take approximately 15~20 minutes..
..Why oh Why?
Luckily there is a Cancel button :P

Building a new Windows CE

...with the platform builder...but it`s the same thing...:P
So..I have in my possession the ebox 2300 and I need to get a new Windows CE on it.
Installed the windows Embedded CE 6.0 software...but not on the default drive(C) but on the second drive...and here is where all the problems started..
Installation went OK...I installed BSP,CoreCon the SDK...everything went fine...but...when I tried to build the new OS using the Platform Builder...Visual Studio 2005 didn`t see the BSP for the ICOP Vortex86 60B BSP...tried in various ways to get past this...but with no I had to uninstall everything I installed until now and start over...but now I installed Windows CE on the C drive as it was by all worked fine....did no one test this?
Now it`s time to get the image to the eBox...I hope this works..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kill -9

It`s not Eminem...but it`s still white rap..Nerd rap...and it`s really cool...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Coding for kids

Just found this page from Microsoft that offers C# tutorials to kids.
The tutorial look cute and intuitive...

Monday, March 19, 2007


The new framework from Adobe looks great...and will really help speed up presentation-oriented application development. The application that they showed at DEMO 07 looks nice and provides lots and lots of effects that will catch the eye...but will this ever compare to development on the .net framework or Java? Probably not but will surely hook a lot of web developers(at least they will take a look at it).

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Link dump

I love the new Puki 3D game...Evil Puki :P

The solar eclipse from a space station...someday I hope we will all get to see this for real not just in pictures(or motion pictures)...