Saturday, July 28, 2007

VS 2008 Beta 2 is out!

I`ve been using the beta for a while and it behaved very well(a big improvement over the VS2005 beta 1 which was not polished at all). The beta 2 also has a Go Live! license that you can use. Can`t wait for the final edition :).

Monday, July 23, 2007

What if?

What if you were in the year 1995 a year when the internet was just about to start the big bang...what if you had to plan it all again...what would you keep...what would you do to keep the internet an entertaining yet full of information place? Would you still build MIRC and stay on the chat all night long? Would you still think that instant messaging in the future? Would you still but a copy of Windows 95? Would you still encourage the creation of Google(and if so would you let it change the way the web works forever). Would you still put Google`s adsense on your web page just to get that 5C/click?
Or would you just keep it clean...the old fashion way..with a few tables here and there but with no real disrespect to the user...with real information on a page and not with lots and lots of ads about the searched topic...
In real life we have the garbage man to take the garbage to the garbage the virtual world there has never been someone to do some cleaning...
What if?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3D rendering using javascript, dom and CSS offers a nice example of building 3D models in using javascript and dom which is kind of cool. Also has a nice way of creating triangles using just plain html.

When LINQ meets the UI

Scott Guthrie has a nice set of tutorials on his page and the latest tutorial explains the link between linq and the User Interface. Nice reading.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Learn Silverlight and Blend

Nibbles offers some quick tutorials for Silverlight and Blend. Quite a nice reading.

Always on top

I've always wanted to be able to control which window is on top but as most programs do not have this option getting one window to stay on top can prove difficult. I've now found a nice tool that lets you do just that. It just adds a pushpin to the window and it will stay on top. Quite a nice tool.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saving the planet comedy central style

Let`s grab some icecream...So true...

Read a book

Probably the most educative hip-hop out there..

Microsoft vs Google

Did you know that you could download the Google toolbar for IE from a Microsoft site?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Silverlight vs Flash

This game got famous today on It`s a really nice flash game which requires logic. Loved the game but..when I read a MS blog I got to another Silverlight sample game. If you take a closer look at things you can see that the concept of the game is the same. I wonder how much time was needed to create the game in Flash and Silverlight. Until we find that out..enjoy the games.

Silverlight samples and code

If you enjoyed Richard Zadorozny`s bar chart, pie char or the graph you can now download the source code. This is the best way you can learn Silverlight programming.


Old News

I know it`s old but it`s a new Opera Mini. And I love it. It even features a mouse which is really great when navigating(you can see a video of all the features here). I have had some problems with it when the EDGE connection was bit slow(actually the app crashed) but overall it`s superb.
I also enjoyed the Opera Mini vs IPhone video