Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dire Desire

Now...what is Dire Desire? It`s a RPG game made by 3 guys from my faculty(Catalin Marcu,Elvis Alistar,Cristian Cotoi).
Why would you play Dire Desire...well because it`s fun...There are a lot of things that I can complain about(graphics,no shortcuts,no map tilting,the map ends in darkness while it should have some rocks or something,the text from the quests are so small that I had to be really concentrated to read something) but there are some things that I enjoyed..especially the sound...the sound is really really good and can be used in any good game,the fact that you can extract gold from any item...The fact that this is their first looks really nice and quite the demo and take a look at what non-professionals can do...Happy gaming!

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