Friday, November 17, 2006

Getting Google PageRank in C#, Java, C or PHP?

Ever wondered how the green bar in the Google toolbar works? Here (and also here and here)it is explained in its math splendor.
But for most of the developers how it is computed is not their main problem. The problem would be getting the PageRank and using it for your own website. SEO`s know that a good PageRank means more cash..More cash means a better PageRank is important.
Getting a whole different problem. The main reason would be that it is against Google`s Terms of Use. But...on the other hand there are a lot(1,2,3) of websites that allow you to check a PageRank in their page...
Getting the PageRank is a whole different seems to involve some reverse engineering and some code re-writing. Here are some code examples that I found(here for C#, here for Java, here for PHP and here for C). Hard work...

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