Monday, December 11, 2006

Why Buy Sony`s Play Station 3?

Reason 1: It`s the newest thing out there. It features great graphics, a blue ray player, 20G or 60G hard drive and wireless controllers.
Reason 2: You are a fan of the Play Station and never even thought about buying another console.
The console comes in two versions: The Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB) or the Sony PlayStation 3 (20GB).
The big problem is that stocks are so limited that most of the consoles are pre-sold or sold on e-bay at huge prices.
The console`s price is not low either and I saw lots of comments about getting the Nintendo`s Wii and Microsoft`s Xbox 360 at the same price and having double the fun. You decide if that`s true or not. For more info try this review. Even more info from sony.
Games available for the console include most of the old PS2 games and this:

Fight Night Round 3

Resistance: Fall Of Man

PlayStation 3 Grand Theft Auto IV

Madden Nfl 07

Need For Speed Carbon

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