Sunday, June 10, 2007

Creating a simple game in Silverlight 1.1 (Alpha)

I`ve always been interested in new technology so getting a quick understanding of how Silverlight(the flash killer) works was quite a challenge. I`ve worked on previous projects in Flash. Since I like C# a lot more than I like ActionScript I could say that Silverlight development is a lot better but that is something that you should decide.

The aim of the game: To get a red rectangle over the yellow rectangle. The red rectangle can only pass over green rectangles and not over black rectangles. As tou can see this is a primitive example of a map with a single moving object. Since the red rectangle can only move one step at a time (N - NE - E - SE - S - SW -W - NW) it should be very easy to get it on the required spot.

To see the game at work just go here

So this is what it will look like...

(See part 2 to start coding)

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