Monday, July 23, 2007

What if?

What if you were in the year 1995 a year when the internet was just about to start the big bang...what if you had to plan it all again...what would you keep...what would you do to keep the internet an entertaining yet full of information place? Would you still build MIRC and stay on the chat all night long? Would you still think that instant messaging in the future? Would you still but a copy of Windows 95? Would you still encourage the creation of Google(and if so would you let it change the way the web works forever). Would you still put Google`s adsense on your web page just to get that 5C/click?
Or would you just keep it clean...the old fashion way..with a few tables here and there but with no real disrespect to the user...with real information on a page and not with lots and lots of ads about the searched topic...
In real life we have the garbage man to take the garbage to the garbage the virtual world there has never been someone to do some cleaning...
What if?

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