Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google`s Office charge

Yesterday I read a news on Google news that Google will have a Web 2.0 application that be similar to Microsoft Excel(Google Spreadsheets) I signed up and had to wait for a confirmation a few hours because everyone(like me) wanted to know what that`s like....and the answer is....It`s`s a really nice addition to google`s set of can`t really do everyting you can do in Excel right now but it`s only in the Lab now :).. what I liked is that you can easily share the spreadsheet with your business partners/ can use some of Excel`s formulas.....but.... when it comes to getting data`s not Excel...I had a table that I wanted to paste in and sort on some numbers(sorting works great,don`t get me wrong)....and simply couldn`t do that...though it has cut/copy/paste features this don`t work as expected...until improved....getting data in is quite hard..also some formulas don`t yet work as expected...and I had a little trouble aquaiting with`s a good project...and really really usefull....
A good integration with Google talk,calendar and other newly released applications might get things really really interesting....nice stuff :)`s up

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