Tuesday, August 01, 2006

ASP.net to PDF document

I wanted to automatically create a PDF document the other day in order to print a sudoku grid that I built. That seemed quite a simple operation as there are a lot of open source implementations that allow you to do just that....but I was wrong...not all implementations were as good as I expected for what I wanted to create. The problem was that not all implementations allowed a good manipulation of tables inside PDF documents...some of them did not let me control the width of separate cells at all...some let me set the width value but the generated table did not take that into consideration....and finally...the one that I used was quite good but did not let me use vertical alignment although the setting is there...Weird..
Here are the libraries that I used:
iTextSharp - the one that I used
#pdf - the tutorials do not work with the beta release and some tables look weird
PDFsharp - did not have support for tables and is intended for charts

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