Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Free website contet - Why,when,where you already know nothing is really free...there is something that you shoud do in order to get that Free something...and when talking about free website content what you give is usually a link to the site that provided the "free content"..In other cases you povide even a banner`s deffinatly not free..Big sites pay for this kind of publicity this sites get it for free...from you...
Why would you ever use free content...well...because you are not always able to write good new articles every day and your visitors get bored when seeing the same article on the front page day after this is a really good alternative. Also an article provides real content to your page that will be indexed by the search engines and also you may be able to put more ads on your site...though adsense for example will notice that the same article is located on more than one website and the ads revenue will be a lot smaller...But there is a solution to this too: ad your own comments after/before the article.
On the next posts I will add some free content and will also provide the links to websites that provide them. Happy blogging!

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