Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dream Mouse...

What would an average use want from a mouse...
-To have as few buttons and as well positioned as possible...
-To have a good precision that insures a good handling
-To have a good mouse wheel that is accompanied by a good software that makes the mouse wheel a real helper

And now...Microsoft and Razer will release a dream mouse for the gamers saying that it is not for noobs...Is it really that complex?...we shall see...

-Interchangeable Side Button Panels provide gamers with two options for different hand sizes or preferences .
-2,000 DPI Laser Engine, Powered by Razer Precision™, delivers super-fast response time.
-On-the-fly DPI lets players adjust DPI for controlled sensitivity, adjustable from 400, 800, 1600 to 2000 DPI with the toggle buttons.
-Always-On™ Mode Pioneered by Razer gives gamers virtually no latency.
-High-speed motion detection lets gamers get their speed on with movement of up to 45 inches per second and 20G acceleration.
-Seven programmable buttons with Hyperesponse™ allow gamers to program their button functions; Razer’s Hyperesponse technology reduces latency.
-On-board profile memory enables gamers to store up to five game control profiles on the mouse.
-Custom design features GlowPipe™ side rails and large, ultra-slick Teflon® buttons provide smooth and quiet gliding.
-Ergonomic Design - A right handed comfort design allows slip-resistant grip with rubber-coated buttons for improved comfort for long hours of gaming.
-Thin, flexible wire provides gamers with the speed of a wired mouse with the feel of a wireless device.

...Now that`s what I call MOUSE..

Information was taken from the official site

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